Complete Primary Care

We are here to help your family live a long and healthy life by offering complete health services for everyone in your family. Build a long-lasting relationship with our physicians and staff today.

Family Health

Wilson Family Medicine has been providing a caring environment for your family’s health care for over 14 years. Dr. Les Wilson and Dr. Vicki Erwin -Wilson offer a unique blend of perspectives for both men and women patients. Many families have chosen Wilson Family Medicine because of the availability of having a male or female clinical provider.

We strive to improve patient outcomes by providing primary health care. We can accommodate your any of your health care needs at any stage of life. It is the mission of Wilson Family Medicine to exceed every patient's healthcare and service expectations with competence, professionalism, efficiency, and most importantly, compassion.

Well Woman Care

Comprehensive well woman care is provided at Wilson Family Medicine. Dr. Vicki Erwin-Wilson and medical assistant Tonya Ford both have years of experience in caring for female patients. Our providers have the capability to provide gynecological services for female patients along with a wide variety of other related services.

From the start of puberty through the process of menopause, our providers are here to see you through every stage of life, both physically and psychologically. We want to advise you on what is recommended for you, whether it is a pap smear, mammogram or routine blood work. Wilson Family Medicine will work with you to plan and maintain your health.

Men's Health

Wilson Family Medicine provides complete health care for men, as well. Dr. Les Wilson will address your health care concerns and give recommendations to keep you healthy. Routine health care for men includes health screenings appropriate for your stage of life. One of the most important health risks for men is prostate cancer, so proper screening is vital.

Yearly check-ups are important for general physical exams to assess blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol problems. Other health concerns for men include erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Les can assess your concern and tailor a plan of treatment specifically for you.


In addition to caring for adults, Wilson Family Medicine provides specialized care to newborns, children, and adolescents. Our providers have received training in child growth and development, including the behavioral and social aspects of pediatric health. Not only are our providers trained to care for children, but also they have eight kids together.

Our providers will assist you and your children through every stage of their development. We will advise you of general health maintenance recommendations and care for your child. Some of our pediatric services include check-ups and immunizations, nutritional counseling, school and sports physicals, and ADD/ADHD guidance.

Chronic Care

The providers at Wilson Family Medicine can render care for chronic illnesses. We have the necessary resources and expertise in caring for patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, menopause, depression, anxiety, and asthma. During routine check-ups, we look for signs of these conditions.

We promote immunizations and screening to help prevent chronic illnesses. Almost half of Americans live with a chronic condition, and we are here to assist you in living a healthy, happy life. If necessary, our providers will refer you to a specialist, with whom they will keep in contact with to provide you with the best plan of care possible.

Acute Injuries and Illness

Whether you have a cold or a sprained ankle, our providers at Wilson Family Medicine can diagnose and treat most acute injuries and illnesses. Acute conditions occur abruptly and are usually temporary. Most acute illnesses and injuries are not extremely severe unless left untreated. Our providers will tend to acute conditions and help you recover from them.

Blood-work, x-rays, and other testing may be necessary to diagnose acute conditions. It is important to seek medical assessment of acute illnesses such as colds, nausea, ear infections, and strep throat. Some acute injuries include sprains, minor burns, and allergic reactions. Follow-up visits may be necessary, and we are happy to accomodate you in the schedule.