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Sun Safety

Summer is here, and in Florida, that usually equates to numerous trips to the beach. If you have ever been sunburnt, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be.

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Athlete's Nutrition Plan

You really are what you eat. The building blocks of food: proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and WATER are the same building blocks of your muscles, bones, and other body parts.

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Wilson Canna Medicine

In 2022, Drs. Les & Vicki became certified to recommend Medical Cannabis to qualifying patients. Although not for everyone, visit the informational website if you want to learn more.


The first step in treating patients is to listen what they feel is going on in their body and to ask appropriate questions to find out more.


The second step is to treat the patient based on the findings from the patient’s description and the physician’s detailed exam.


The third step is educating the patient on the condition they have while providing information to help with treating in the future.


The final step is the goal, which is to heal the patient to the best possible outcome while focusing on diet,  exercise, and lifestyle.  


Thank you to the doctors at WFM. We love and appreciate the work that’s put into our individual health. Both Les and Vicki have been our family doctors for years.
- I.M.
This place is amazing!!! They are professional, caring, and VERY efficient. I love the fact that I have very little wait time for my scheduled appointments. It is refreshing to have someone actually respect my time and schedule.
- M.F.
Dr. Vicki is the doctor that every doctor should be: an advocate for their patient. I am lucky to have her as a doctor and will fight to keep her.
- L.P.
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